News sites can make money on the Internet

Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to run a genuine news site. I registered this domain some 20 years ago, before Google was the world's prime search engine, and before search engines had a specific feature to search for news.

Initially, this site aggregated Asian travel industry news. After that this domain was leased by a fairly large organisation that aggregared news on a worldwide scale.

That was a failure because you will never rank on Google if you just copy the news stories of other publishers or authors.

Both Google and Bing reward original content. So, if you are wilking to employ news writers that produce original content for you, you are bound to rank. Match this with a com domain that sounds perfect for your endeavor and has a high Google credibility score because it was registered in the early days of the Internet, and operated ever since.

So, is for sale at a reasonable price. Please contact me for details.