Sexual competition


Both men and women are in constant competition for the best sexual partners. It has always been that way. However, in as much as more and more people realize that optimal sexual experience, followed by a gentle death, are the only meaningful content in life, we can expect the competition to become more pronounced in the future.

For me as a straight man, other straight men are my competitors. They have the same interests as I have, so I have an easy time giving them advice (I know exactly what they want). But as they are my competitors, and potentially impact negatively on my competitive advantage, I must have a good reason before I aide them.

The interests of straight women are opposed to mine (they seek men, I seek women), and therefore are never in conflict with me. I can only benefit from helping those who read my articles to compete better. Therefore, my advice for women is basically free of charge.

For both men and women, the likelihood of their competitive success depends on two factors: their capability to compete successfully (their smartness), and their sexual market value.

From the time humans lived in civilizations, they have created social orders that modified what otherwise is, or would have been, a free market economy of sexual competition.

Social orders designed by men, for example in the form of repressive religions, placed heavy limitations on the female competition for sexual partners. Men claimed the right to decide on the behalf of women who their sexual partners should be, and strongly limited their number.

In a free market economy for sexual partners, the best men would appropriate the largest number, and the best female sexual partners. Likewise, such a free market economy benefits, in exactly the same manner, the women of the highest sexual market value.

The best are always a minority; this lies in the nature of the word and what it describes. The best are always faced with the fact, that the vast majority of people (the rest) are envious and would like to have rules introduce that assure that they also get what they believe should be their fair share (one man for every woman, one woman for every man).

I am an elitist, not a populist. I want the best women have the best success in finding the men of the best sexual

This is the core of my existence, and it is this, that lies at the bottom of all my work as an author.


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